Transcript: Interference S2 E5

SFX: Alarm clock rings, is SMASHED

JACQ: Ugh. (spitting noise) Glitter. I’m never going to pride again. Who talked me into that?

GENEVA: Nnn me? I can’t believe that people do that on a regular basis. I mean, not the pride thing. That was cool.

JACQ: (shocked) Geneva!

GENEVA: What? I feel awful. How do they deal with it? I mean it was fun last night….

Oh. Um, you’re in my bed. I mean I guess I’m in yours like always, but… you’re, uh, also here.

JACQ: Yeah. Uh. Are we okay with this?

GENEVA: My head hurts too much to think about it.

JACQ: I can’t believe I didn’t get us water before we went to sleep.

SFX: Getting out of bed

GENEVA: Nnn Where are you going? (chuckles) You look like a bi-rrito.

JACQ: (happily, grinning) Haha! So you are okay?

SFX:Creaking as Geneva sits up with all the blankets wrapped around her

GENEVA: I like you, and you were nice and warm.

JACQ: Mm. That sounds like a verdict still to be decided, then. I’ll be back with water and aspirin.

GENEVA: I bet it doesn’t list the proper dosage for an orc on there, bring me an extra one or something.

JACQ: I’ll look up and see if they have weight recommendations but other than that, uh, yeah.

GENEVA: I can’t imagine trying to read right now. How come you seem so okay.

JACQ: Uhhhhhhhhh practice? I haven’t drunk like that in a couple of years but I can hold my liquor.

I really want a burrito now, actually.

GENEVA: (chuckles) food would be good, I think. I mean I’m a little queasy, but. Nnn I dunno. hungry.

JACQ: Water first, I’ll be back! (blows a kiss)

SFX: door, Geneva flops back down in bed. Music or something.

JACQ: Okay I’m back. Good news, Claire is still out of it, so we won’t have to deal with her lewd jokes for a bit.

GENEVA: Cool. How long does this last?

JACQ: Depends on how much you drank, your tolerance, and how well you re-hydrate? Here.

SFX: Geneva sits back up

GENEVA: Drink a lot of water, got it. Thanks.

JACQ: Greasy food helps, too. That might be imaginary, though. Comfort food.

GENEVA: Okay, sounds good. I wonder if there’s a spell for this. It seems like there must be a spell.

JACQ: Uhhhh lesser restoration? (teasingly) You could ask the team.

GENEVA: Mmm cleric spell, 2nd level. And I think we’re fresh out of clerics.

I’m never doing that again. No matter how many cute queers try to buy me a drink.

JACQ: (Laughs) That’s what they all say. I’ll get you more water.

GENEVA: Thanks. So what are we going to do for food?

JACQ: So I know I said I wanted a burrito, but there’s this really good fried chicken place that delivers. We could just get a bunch of chicken. OH and fries. And biscuits. And neither of us would have to go anywhere or cook.

GENEVA: Sounds like a plan. Let me know when it gets here.

JACQ: Aww! Baby’s first hangover. I should take a picture.

GENEVA: Ugh, and the last one. I don’t know what I was thinking. Also don’t patronize me.

JACQ: Sorry. Also, I think you were Twitterpated.

GENEVA: What about twitter?

JACQ: Sorry, it has nothing to do with twitter. It’s from a cartoon. You were infatuated, focused solely on your (smarmy) many charming suitors.

GENEVA: Is that weird? Are you upset at me?

JACQ: Still love me?

GENEVA: Of course I do, you’re...You’re you. You’re wonderful.

JACQ: Then I have nothing to be upset about. You can flirt with as many cute queers as you want. I know it must have been a little overwhelming. A big crowd of people who think you’re hot.

GENEVA: Yeah. Let’s switch subjects. There were so many trans people there. It was nice to talk with some of them.

JACQ: Yeah! I mean trans people are everywhere.

Honestly, you probably knew other trans people on Chel and just didn’t know they were trans. Events like this are a good way to meet other queer people who you might not meet otherwise.

GENEVA: You really think that I’ve met other trans people back home?

I want to help them.

JACQ: Yeah, I know. You’re not helping anyone right now, though, except yourself. So lie down and take a nap. I’ll call for food and I’ll come and wake you up when it gets here.

SFX: Door opening and closing

JACQ: (Startled shout)

TOMMY: Sorry, Sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.

GENEVA: (muffled) Jacq are you okay?!

JACQ: (calling back) Yes I’m fine. I was just startled by one of Claire’s dates. Go back to sleep.

TOMMY: (quickly, nervously) Sorry, so uh. Actually I don’t know who Claire is. I stayed the night here with, uh, Drew? You know him, right? Because he like... just walked right in like it was his place. I’m uh, really sorry about this. I can just leave! Oh! And I can drag Drew out too. Please don’t call the cops.

JACQ: Whoa, whoa. Calm down. I know Drew. He’s one of Claire’s partners. It’s fine. I’m definitely not going to call the cops. You can even stay for a bit if you want. I was about to order food.

TOMMY: (relieved, maybe sigh?) Yeah, okay. My name’s Tom (pause, resigned) everyone calls me Tommy though. ...I can help pay?

JACQ: I’m Jacq. Lets go look at the menu, and you can tell me what you want.

TOMMY: Should I go wake up Drew?

JACQ: No, it’s fine. I know his order. Or maybe we should just get some of everything...

SFX: Time Lapse?????

JACQ: Rise and shine, babe. I come bearing gifts.

GENEVA: (groans)

JACQ: (sing songy) Food glorious foooood

GENEVA: Okay, give me a minute. Ugh my head.

It smells really good.

JACQ: It is. I ate a little bit with Drew and Tommy before bringing you yours.


JACQ: You know Drew! Or... you’ve seen him a few times. He’s one of Claire’s partners. Claire’s not here. The person who startled me earlier was here with Drew.

GENEVA: Their whole relationship is still weird to me. I know we were kinda just talking about it. With me flirting, but it’s different? Like, you’re the only one I…

(coughing) This chicken is really good.

JACQ: The only one you... what? Hmm? What’s that you were going to say?

GENEVA: You know.

JACQ: (laughing) I do, but you’re cute when you’re all flustered.

It’s not really for me either, but maybe I’ve just not met the right third person yet. She really loves both of them. I’ve lived with her long enough to see that, AAAND she really likes sex, so being non-exclusive makes sense. It is a little weird that Drew decided to shack up here for the night without her, but it’s cool. Plus he helped pay for food.

GENEVA: Yeah, I try not to judge. It’s just new to me. I think you were right about the greasy food thing. I feel a lot better.

JACQ: Good! See, we have our own mysterious earth arcanum, too! Written in grease and carbs. (contented sigh)


THERINThank you for listening. Interference is an Orc Zone production. Geneva and Jacq were played by Hazel and Therin Stapp.

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