Transcript: Interference S2 E3

GENEVA: Hi, I'm back, I brought Jacq with me!

ELISE: Where have you been!? You just left without any warning!

GENEVA: Come on, Elise. You know that I’ve been talking with Jen.

ELISE: Just wanted to bust your girl’s chops.

JACQ: Hey! We have a strict no hazing policy.

JEN: So do we, Elise! Well, mostly, anyway.

DAMIEN: It’s not hazing if she's not on our team. Let’s move onto the introductions.

GENEVA: Jacq is most definitely on our team. Um right, Jacq? I mean I guess you don’t have to be.

JACQ: (Joking) Hmmm, I dunno, what's the pay like?

GENEVA: Uhhhhhhh

JACQ: I'm just kidding (mumbled) tho it would be nice. (Overenthusiastic) I'm on the team unless the rest of the team doesn't want me on the team! Right, team?!

JEN: (laughter) Right, welcome aboard. So this grumpy fellow here is Damien, and the other big one who was talking with you earlier is Elise. Uh, I’m Jen by the way. We've already met, but the dragon may have knocked that right out of your head.

The skinny guy with all the tattoos is Julian, and the one wearing one of your goofy earth hats, is Leopold.

SFX: Jacq laughs about the phrase “goofy earth hats”

LEOPOLD: Hey, we’ve got to blend in! Right?

JACQ: I mean, the tusks are kind of a giveaway. You all stand out. But I think you look good in the hat, it matches your lab coat.

GENEVA: I understand the “scientist” part, but what’s the “forget princess” part about?

ELISE: Ugh, can we not have this discussion, again?? Just let him wear the hat.

LEOPOLD: I mean, I don’t want to be a princess. It's factual AND stylish.

GENEVA: Where did you get it anyway? Did you go out shopping or something?

JULIAN: He just picked it up off the ground. A lot of people dropped stuff when they were running away from the dragon, and no one came back for this one. I think it’s cute.

JACQ: Wait, but that's stealing. Kind of.

JEN: Not really. He’s just holding onto it until they come back for it.

LEOPOLD: And then I'll pay them for it! Any price for style like this.

GENEVA: Well it sounds like you’ve been having fun, anyway.

JEN: I don’t know if I’d say it was fun. Earth’s federal agents have not been happy with me saying that they’ll have to talk to my boss, and then not telling them where my boss was. I’m actually somewhat surprised they didn’t find you on their own. I mean, they know about Jacq.

JACQ: I am very forgettable. Which is good, for this exact purpose! Fighting the man with my own utter lack of importance.

GENEVA: I think you’re very important, but I guess it's good that your cops do not….donut.


ELISE: What’s a donut?

GENEVA: No, I spent a lot of time on the internet, remember.

JACQ: Geneva: master of lowbrow Earth humor.

SFX: high five

GENEVA: (laughing) Anyway, I guess we should start working on a course of action.

DAMIEN: Finally! I don’t like that we’re trapped here. We need to find a way to open the portal again.

JULIAN: Or find another portal.

LEOPOLD: I don't know if that's a priority, to be honest. I’m nervous about being stuck here, but we do have a mission to complete. We are here to do research and learn about what is causing this connection.

JACQ: I see that you really do deserve that science hat.

LEOPOLD: You know it, sweetie.

JEN: Both are definitely things that we’re going to work on. Unfortunately, I think that we’ve got a better chance of figuring out what is wrong with the portal, simply because we know where it is. Does anyone have any idea how we might track down this Carithell guy?

JACQ: The government might know? They kinda sorta have a weird abusive relationship.

JEN: What do you mean? You think they might know where he is? That would make things a lot easier.

DAMIEN: If we can get them to cooperate with us.

JACQ: Yeah, that. Um, so, you don't have an evil overlord and not have the United States government in on it. They are providing Carithell with what he demands as he basically holds the planet's communication systems hostage.

ELISE: And we’re going to have to work with these guys?

JACQ: Welcome to earth!

GENEVA: It’s not great news, I know. We have to make the best of our situation, and we will be forced to work closely with the government of this land. I’m hoping that I can get them to agree to share information with us.

JULIAN: If they know where he is, why don’t they try to stop him? Why are they just letting him call the shots?

GENEVA: (Sigh) I know you have your own research goals for this mission, but did you even read that part of the brief?

LEOPOLD: Well, he was reading it, but I might have distracted him a bit.

GENEVA: I thought we talked about not making me regret bringing a couple along. Jen and Devon did not receive an opportunity like this, and you are squandering it, if you don’t act more appropriately.

JEN: It’s alright. I can explain, but make sure you get around to your briefs from now on please. Geneva and I put a lot of work into them.

This planet is reliant on a global communications network called, I believe, the internet. Carithell is, somehow, able to interfere with it, halting basically all communication including their news systems, telephones, radio, and other devices, as well as messing with their ability to travel. They have no understanding of how he does it or how to prevent it from happening again.

ELISE: Do we think that finding a way to stop this should be our first priority?

DAMIEN: It could give us a better bargaining position with the government.

JULIAN: Disrupting their disruption. I like it, but I feel like it would take a long time. We’d have to have a pretty thorough understanding of how this earth equipment works. SO I’m not sure-

JACQ: Well - okay, I'm sorry to interrupt, but while a certain amount of research will be necessary to understand what's being disrupted, you guys do have a resource that no one else here does, and it sort of gives you an edge...

GENEVA: Magic?

JACQ: Magic!!

GENEVA: Well, that’s certainly true. Julian, Leopold. Since the research will take too long for it to be an immediately viable plan, do either of you know any spells that could help us track Carithell down?

JULIAN: Possibly, but we would need some sort of information to go on.

LEOPOLD: Maps, for one, and seeing what he looks like would be helpful… I doubt anyone has any of his personal effects, which would be the MOST use.

GENEVA: I think that the both of those things would be readily available on the internet.

JACQ: I can pull up a video on my phone right now.

SFX: Phone booping in the background of the scene

GENEVA: We should see if we can procure some computers or phones. It would make our work far easier. The internet is full of readily accessible information.

JACQ: (Distant) And porn.

JEN: Hah! Well, that's a sort of information I suppose.

GENEVA: Uh, yes, that too. I really want to see if I can create some magical databases, using similar tactics to the internet, but uh that can wait..

SFX: thru this scene, replay of Carithell's announcement, as if it's coming thru a phone, and in distance.

JACQ: Here, that's what he looks like. And sounds like.

LEOPOLD: Did you see that in the background, babe?

JULIAN: Is that… are we thinking the same thing? (pause) gods help us all if you're right

GENEVA: What is it?

LEOPOLD: Look in the background of this image, that, like… wet-looking green light? Do you know anything about mindflayers?

GENEVA: Not much. What is it?

JULIAN: It’s an Elder Brain.

JACQ: Shit.

SFX: White noise + closing music

THERIN: Thank you for listening. Interference is an Orc Zone production.

Geneva and Jacq were played by Hazel and Therin Stapp.
Damien was played by Oakley Cannon.
Elise was played by Arizona Jonson.
Jen was played by Lauren Meyers.
Julian was played by Erin Kyan.
Leopold was played by Lee Davis-Thalbourne.

Links to all of their stuff can be found in the show notes.

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