Transcript: Interference S2 E1

SFX: walking sounds

GENEVA: I can’t believe you didn’t run! That was way too dangerous! I don’t know what I would have done if you’d gotten hurt.

JACQ: I wasn’t going to leave you! Besides, you should have been running away too, you’re not a fighter.

GENEVA: I couldn’t! I’m the boss lady! I couldn’t run away while they fought. I would have lost respect from my people, and I would have looked weak to your people.

JACQ: Our mayor ran away - OH! That reminds me. (looking through bag)

GENEVA: He did! And I’m really hoping that gives me a bit of an advantage when I’m dealing with your government. I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about all of that. We’re on their territory and there are a lot fewer of us.

JACQ: (distracted) Yeah, and they kinda suck, couldn’t even chase off the dragon. It was… unimpressed by those guns.

GENEVA: They certainly impressed me! I’d like to know more about how they work. They seem to be much more effective than the weapons we have on our world.

JACQ: Ugh, I hate guns, but if you want to know more we can look it up. Here! This is for you!

SFX: walking stops

GENEVA: (confused, looking at a small gift-wrapped book) It’s lovely, but what is it?

JACQ: It’s a gift!

GENEVA: Okay, but… is it just a pretty token? I don’t really have anywhere to put it...

JACQ: OH! Sorry. It’s… the way it looks isn’t the gift, that’s inside. When we give gifts, we wrap them in fancy paper to keep them secret. Do you not do that?

GENEVA: No! That’s fascinating. What’s inside?

JACQ: Open it!

GENEVA: But it’s so pretty with all these colors and patterns! I don’t want to tear it!

JACQ: Hehehe. Tearing it is the fun part. But if you want to be really careful, it’s secured... here and here. And then you can just unfold it.

SFX: Careful unwrapping sounds

GENEVA: (laughing, then reading) “Boss Lady Goals.”

JACQ: It’s a planner! For to-do lists and appointments and stuff? I saw it at the store the other day and had to get it for you. I thought it would be useful, since you’ll be using our weird calendar.

GENEVA: Ahh That’s so thoughtful! Thank you so much!

(an awkward pause because of wanting to hug or kiss or something)

JACQ: Uh. Where do you think the dragon went, anyway?

SFX: Walking resumes

GENEVA: I don’t know, but what I’d really like to know is where it came from.

JACQ: Yeah... It really doesn’t look good for you.

GENEVA: I just don’t understand it! It could not have possibly come through the same portal we did! Did you see how the colors changed? It must have shifted somehow, so that it was linked to a different place. Maybe a portal that we don’t know about. Like you’ve been saying.

JACQ: Do you think Carithell could have changed it somehow? Opened it up to some other place, and then closed it down so you couldn’t go back?

GENEVA: I’ve wondered about that. If he knows more about the portals than us, it’s certainly possible. I’m also worried that it was actually our fault though. (SFX: Walking stops again) What if the portal couldn’t handle so many things coming through at once and that’s what caused it to go crazy and open up a portal to wherever that dragon was from?

JACQ: Stop looking back! There’s nothing you can do tonight.

GENEVA: (sighing) You’re right, but I feel like I’m going to miss something if I’m not there. (SFX: Walking resumes) So how far away is this inn anyway? We’ve been walking for a while.

JACQ: (smirking) It’s not much farther, but I’m not taking you to an inn.

GENEVA: I thought we were going somewhere to rest.

JACQ: We are! But I’m not letting you out of my sight, and why should we buy a hotel room, when I’m already paying for a perfectly good apartment.

GENEVA: (squeaky, slightly panicked) You’re taking me back to your place, but wh-uh, but what will your roommate think?

JACQ: Let her think whatever she wants.

SFX: Pause. Geneva spluttering.

JACQ: Oh don’t worry about it. They’ll be fine with it. People crash at our place all the time.

You can have my bed. I think you’re a little tall to sleep on the love seat.

GENEVA: Your bed?

JACQ: I mean, you could sleep in Claire’s instead if you wanted. She might insist on joining you though. She’s a big snuggler.

GENEVA: (spluttering) Well… I… uh…

JACQ: (laughs) I’m just kidding! Though... I wouldn’t be opposed to a few snuggles. It’s cold, and you feel really warm.

GENEVA: I had noticed that your hand seemed a bit cold. I guess humans must run at a lower temperature than us?

JACQ: Mmm. Or maybe you’re just better at retaining heat than we are. (singsong) Here we are! Home sweet home.

GENEVA: Huh, it looks like all the other buildings. You really don’t have much in the way of architectural variation do you?

JACQ: Well, we don’t have buildings that have stood for thousands of years if that’s what you’re asking. Oh! You’re stalling. Come on, It’s cold out.

SFX: Door opening and closing.

JACQ: So this is my apartment. This is the common area and the kitchen--

CLAIRE: (entering from another room) Jacq is that you? How was the… Oh wow! Is that fucking Geneva? She’s… ripped.

JACQ: Geneva, this is my roommate, Claire. Yes, this is Geneva. I wish everyone would stop calling her “fucking Geneva.”

GENEVA: Nice to meet you.

CLAIRE: A pleasure. You... sure you want to hang out with Jacq? My room’s just over here.


JACQ: (with a frown) She’s just teasing. She already has two partners and they can barely all make time for each other as it is. She’s just a big flirt.

CLAIRE: (pause) Guilty, but what can I say? Your girlfriend is hot, and if you don’t think I’d hit that, you’re crazy.

JACQ: Come on, you’re embarrassing her. She’s not used to this kind of attention?

CLAIRE: Sorry, right. I’ll leave you two alone for a bit, so you can get her settled.

Oh. Actually I was making a PB&J. Are you guys hungry? I could make a couple more?

GENEVA: What’s that?

JACQ: I think we’ll just order a pizza, but thanks, Claire. I’ll explain about PB&J later.

CLAIRE: Alright, cool, then I’ll head back to my room in a bit. So that’s where I’ll be if you need me for something.

JACQ: Alright. Hey do you have anybody coming over tonight or anything?

CLAIRE: No nobody tonight, I’m all on my own.

JACQ: Okay cool, well, we’ll see you later then.

GENEVA: It was nice meeting you!

CLAIRE: It was good meeting you too, Geneva.

(peeking head back in from other room) ...And that offer still stands by the way.

GENEVA: Um.. thanks?

JACQ: (chuckling) Alright, let’s get you back to my room before she decides to flirt some more.

GENEVA: Yes, let's do that.

JACQ: It’s over here.

SFX: Door opening

GENEVA: Wow, you have a lot of stuff.

JACQ: You mean I’ve got a big mess.

GENEVA: No, I mean, yes that too, but you have so much art on your walls. Isn’t that expensive?

JACQ: What the posters? Nah, my interior design choices are like a… I dunno, like a twelve year old. None of this is expensive. Actually, like half of these I got for free.

GENEVA: But they’re so good! I mean some of these look real. I can’t see any brush strokes or anything! If they’re cheap you must not pay your artists enough.

JACQ: Yeah, that’s probably true! But also, they’re not original artwork, they’re mass produced prints. Like the artist makes one picture, and then a company takes that picture and use machines to just print out a bunch of copies. So the copies aren’t worth much because they’re not too expensive to make and there are a lot of them.

Oh and those real ones look real because they’re photographs. Uh. Cameras are kinda complex, but, it’s another kind of machine that uses a special material or receiver to store an image using light. We could talk forever about stuff like that, but I’d like to get you settled in first.

GENEVA: (a little dazed by all the info) Right, so I’m going to be sleeping, uh, here? In your bed?

JACQ: Yes, and I’ll sleep out on the loveseat. The bathroom is through that door, uh I’ll probably have to show you how the plumbing works I guess. You can get changed into your pajamas in there if you want, and we can hang and order a pizza after.

GENEVA: Pajamas?

JACQ: Uh, yeah. Night clothes?

GENEVA: (pause) Aaagh I left everything back at the portal.

JACQ: Then what’s in that bag?

GENEVA: Uh… Books

JACQ: (laughs) I love...that. Uh. I might have a robe you could use.

SFX: rummaging noises

Yeah, here. It’s probably a little short, but it's definitely big enough around.

GENEVA: Thanks

JACQ: You’re welcome! I’ll show you the bathroom…

So for the sink and the shower you turn these handles to run the water. The left one is hot water and the right one is cold water. And then...

GENEVA: Actually, this is just like our plumbing back home, except the water temperature is reversed. I think I can handle it from here.

SFX: door closing

JACQ and GENEVA: (nervous introvert sigh)

SFX: door opening

JACQ: Oh! You look super cute in that.

GENEVA: Thanks. It’s a little small.

JACQ: So you never did answer me about those cuddles.

GENEVA: Uh, sure. That sounds nice.

JACQ: (bed patting sound, flirtatious voice) Well then, come over here and let’s get you familiar with Wikipedia.

SFX: White noise + closing music

THERIN: Thank you for listening. Interference is an Orc Zone production. Geneva and Jacq were played by Hazel and Therin Stapp. Claire was played by Sheila Morris. There’s a link to help you find her other work in the show notes.

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