Transcript: Interference Episode 4

Currently this text is a copy of our working script, not the exact text of the episode. It will be updated once we have transcripts prepared for every episode.


Observation log, 9th of Drudge Moon 763 Adan

This is Geneva reporting for The South Coast Archaeological and Preservation Society. Reporting from the recently uncovered ruins of the Temple of Asden, in the deserts of Tilan.

As part of our efforts to retune our devices to be able to communicate with the world beyond the portal we also found a way to block the interference completely. We have engaged that portion of the device in order to make a clear report before we once again try contacting the Aerthling Jacq.

Though I refer to our efforts, I must give credit where it is due. The modifications were performed solely by Carter. He did exemplary work. Not only did he spend hours modifying the equipment, he also did not slack from his usual duties. I feel that, he would have been justified neglecting, or passing off his regular work, in order to work on something so important, but he insisted on continuing on with his duties. His dedication is quite admirable. I believe he is due some kind of commendation for his work here, and wish to nominate him for such. Many of my fellow staff, feel the same as I do. We are all excited by this discovery and know that it would have been impossible without Carter.

As you heard we established contact with a person on Aerth, sorry, correction, Earth. I’m still getting used to this pronunciation. Her name is Jacq, and she gave us quite a bit of trouble, before actually providing much in the way of communication.

Apparently her society is unaware of the portals. They have no organization similar to ours studying them. They in fact have no magic, as far as she can determine, though the strange devices she refers to as computers seem to be magical in some way. I can of course not verify this, and she insists that they are mundane technological constructs. I do not see how, such features as the device possesses could possibly be mechanical. It makes no sense for the device to be mechanical, but perhaps her world works on different principles from our own. There is certainly no mention of anything like it in our old records. It is possible that her culture is simply blind to the uses of magic, despite benefitting from them.

The most troubling information, that we received from Jacq was the fact that as far as she is aware there are no other races on her planet. She believes that they must have all died off ages ago, likely most of them being killed by the humans residing there.

Besides being a great tragedy, this lets us know that we will have to be cautious in any additional attempts at contact we may try to make. Jacq seems very empathetic about the killing off of the other races, so she is most likely a safe contact, despite being ill informed on many matters of interest. Perhaps, through her we can find other safe contacts with people in her world.

We have taken a phenomenal first step in learning more about what happened in the world when the portals opened, but there is much more to learn. Unfortunately, it seems like many of our answers are going to remain unanswered. They seem to have no records remaining from that time period. They do have some old stories about magic, that probably have origins from the time of the last portal opening. They are likely to be as much or more false than they are accurate, but perhaps we can still learn something from them.

Our greater opportunity here, is much more achievable. Though the past may be lost to us, we can easily learn about the present. We can see how differently humans progressed in their native environment. We can learn about a whole other world. Perhaps we could learn to replicate their computers. Who knows what we might learn, we know so little about them.

Additional Staff have been pulled from other S-CAPS interests, and are slowly trickling in day by day. We graciously thank you for the additional funding and supplies, some of which have already arrived. The camp is coming together quite nicely, though it looks more like a small town or a military encampment than an archeological dig.

Still even with the additional support, we may still be a little short on supplies if things go wrong. Gene Thompson and her staff are still working on their calculations for various contingencies. I’ll update you with a more detailed report on that, when I get more information.

The mediator, that you graciously sent our way has not yet arrived, and we have had no communication from them. Have you received any word about their position, or know when they might arrive?

Fortunately communication from the group transporting the records that you had available, have not been so silent. Unfortunately it will still be weeks before they are due to arrive. High Wizard Ezcobar is considering taking out a small team to go to recover the records in a more timely manner.

His willingness to go himself, as well as his drive to recover the documents faster has helped to make him feel a bit less like an outsider, but generally tensions are still high. Many of us are not convinced of the feasibility of his plan. It does not seem like the proper time to draw people away from camp. We are all quite busy here still.

Further excavation of the site has revealed a couple of smaller structures to the south, and east of the temple. Purpose, is as yet unknown. The structures have just begun to be revealed. Present conjecture is that they are outlying storage facilities, but we have no concrete evidence that this is what they were. Drake Thorncrest, who was pulled to us from the Topier Pillar site is leading the excavation of these new sites.

That is the end of the main report. I am now going to adjust the modified trace, so that we can attempt to communicate with Jacq on Ae-... Earth

This has been Geneva reporting from the Temple of Asden in the deserts of Tilan  [[9th of Drudge Moon 763 Adan] (make sure this tracks with ending in ep 2)

Click and some rummaging noises

(muttered) now what should I say?

(Awkward and loud) Hello Jacq, of the planet Earth, this is Geneva from the planet Chell, can you hear me? (She waits for a few moments)

(White noise) Hmm, something seems to be a little off, I did get some noise, but I am uncertain if this was an attempt at communication by Jacq. Let’s see, Carter said something about a modulator.

(Some rummaging shrieking feedback like noise.)

Ahh! No that was the volume, crap crap crap. Okay, I think this one’s the modulator.

(White noise returns shifting in volume and frequency)


B101.1 Light Jazz and cool tunes up next is… (fades back out into static)


That wasn’t Jacq’s voice, I seem to have tuned into some other signal, but I’ve lost in now.

(something from Jacq, recognizable but distorted.)


Jacq is that you, can you hear… I’ve lost her. I don’t understand what’s going on here. The device was working fine, the last time we used it, but now we seem to be tuning into other signals from Aerth. White noise returns. Most of it just a bunch of noise..


(in background) Do you want me to get carter?


No, hold off on that, let me see if I can figure it out first.

Feminine Voice

Like, I know right! But really Martha’s pretty cool, she let me….fades back to static before disappearing.


Jacq? I can’t understand anything they’re saying, why is everything so distorted?

(Pulses of static solidify into morse code before fading back out. Sounds of Geneva fiddling around with device)


Are you sure you don’t want me to get Carter?


(sigh) No not Carter, Carter has his own duties. One of the new arrivals has been assigned to dealing with any issues that I have with this thing. See if you can’t find them.

So I’m having trouble communicating with Jacq. I seem to be getting a lot of interference. At least some of these seem to be other signals from Aerth. I believe that I did connect with Jacq briefly once or twice, but the signal was very distorted. I couldn’t understand what she said, and if she understood me, she did not have time to respond before the signal once again disappeared. Liam has volunteered to find our new artifact expert, and bring them back here…

(loud white noise, which Geneva quickly dials down)

I’ve never actually met this person, I don’t even know they’re name. Ezcobar just told me that there was someone in camp, that he had assigned to help deal with any of these issues. It might take some time to find them, especially if their secondary duties have them out working in the new digs. We will have to wait and see. In the meantime, I suppose I will continue attempting to dial in on Jacq.  

(white noise volume increases again and begins to modulate, becoming like an ambulance siren. More static, becomes heavily distorted, Jacq dialogue one syllable in middle clear)


That was definitely Jacq’s voice! So I must be close. I’m going to leave the modulator set here, and wait for our new Communications expert.. I’m hoping that their knowledge of this device will get us back into contact with Jacq. This just doesn’t make sense. The device was working fine 2 weeks ago. Jacq and I had no trouble communicating. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix it.

(Brief silence, broken up by some elevator music. Music fades out as person arrives.)


Hello, Geneva my name’s Jen. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting.


It’s a pleasure to meet you. You’re the person Escobar assigned to work on our equipment?


I am, The High Wizard made sure that this was first in my list of duties. I have quite a bit of  experience with these devices. I hear that the last person you had working on it had to make some  modifications. Do you mind if I take a look at it?


No, please do. That’s why I called you here actually. I’m having trouble getting through to Jacq. There seems to be a lot of interference, and I just can’t get through. I actually just heard her, so I left the settings where they were until you arrived. I’d hoped you’d be able to fine tune it or something so that I could get through.


hmm, this looks pretty rough, but simple enough. I’ll see what I can do.


Thank you. (the sound of a radio being tuned). I’m sorry about pulling you away from your work. I really do appreciate it. I don’t understand what happened to it. It worked perfectly the last time I used it.

Masculine voice

 Come on Karen it’s been three days.


see like that, that was definitely not Jacq. Do you have any idea what might be causing this?


It could be a lot of things. I need a little more time with it to figure that out.


Okay, take your time. (A few moments silence, and then… a snip of Jacq's voice)


That was her! Can you make the signal clearer. Jacq! Jacq! Can you hear me?


The signal's too unstable. I wasn’t here the last time you talked to her, but from what I can see, I think Carter focused this device in on a small band of interference, but since that time the band had broadened. You’re getting more interference than before, its overlapping the original signal, and the device isn’t built to deal with this much interference. I don’t think I’m going to be able to focus in any better than you did. I’ll have to work on it some more. It’s going to take some time to get it tuned in properly.

            V1: They’re crunchy V2: They’re chocolatey V1 and V2: They’re-


(sighs) Well, I thank you for your assistance Jen, I’ll let you get back to your other work. I know you must have other tasks that need you attendance. I still need it to finish my report, but if you’d like to come back tomorrow to work on it, that would be great.


Very well, I’ll be ba ck to take a look at it tomorrow. It would be good if we knew more about these signals.We don’t even know how these signals are being transmitted, or why this device is receiving them. Still, I’ve got a few ideas that I can try out. I’ll see what I can do.


Thank you, Jen. I’ll see you tomorrow then.


Yes, I look forward to it. I’ll see you tomorrow. (static, followed by a click)


I am once again blocking signals from Earth. That at least seems to still function.

Attempts to communicate with Jacq on Earth were a failure. I did hear her voice a few times, but it was heavily distorted, and there was no opportunity to actually speak with her.

We also received signals from various other sources, most of them also heavily distorted.

Jen believes that the fault is not in the device, but for some reason we are now receiving more signals than we were before. These are masking the signal from Jacq, obscuring it and making it next to impossible to communicate.

They believe that they can fix the device, but that it will take some time to do so.

They said further study into where the signals are coming from and how they are interacting with the device would be useful. These are questions that I feel, can not be readily answered, but once I finish here I’ll meet up with my group and we will discuss ideas.

I really hope that Jen will be able to repair the device. It would be horrible to have lost this link to Aer- Earth.

This has been Geneva reporting from the Temple of Asden in the Deserts of Tilan 9th of Drudge Moon 763 Adan