Transcript: Interference Mini-Episode 1

Currently this text is a copy of our working script, not the exact text of the episode. It will be updated once we have transcripts prepared for every episode.


(more masculine voice) Observation report... Huh wrong voice.

(normal voice) Observation Report

This is Geneva reporting for The South Coast Archaeological and Preservation Society. Reporting from the deserts of Tilan.  Fairdel, the 5th of Sun March, 762 Adan

We have just arrived at our destination. Our guide insists that they saw the structure somewhere in this area, but they can’t seem to find it now.

If there is a structure, it has likely been buried by the desert sands.

Our guide is very insistent that it is somewhere in this area, though I don’t know how they know. We’ve been travelling through this desert for days and everything looks the same, just dunes of sand. I don’t know how he could be certain that we are anywhere. There are no landmarks.

Also summer seems like a really bad season to be digging out in the desert. I’m not sure why this vaguest of hints got moved up the list to a full mission. Any insight you could give us into that would be wonderful.

The travel was relatively uneventful. We had a few minor cases of heat stroke, but our entire crew and supply train arrived safe with no serious injuries or losses.

However, due to the heat, water supplies will soon dwindle, and without a visible structure, we’re going to be out here much longer than anticipated. Unless the wind blows around the sand and uncovers it tomorrow. Which seems pretty unlikely.

So we’re going to have to set up some kind of supply delivery. I think Darren is working on that.

Darren will be in charge of the reports from here forward. He asked me to step in this once, while he deals with another matter. He set everything up for me, I mean I don’t even know how any of this works. I hope it’s working.

Darren will also be sharing report duties with me. So you should be hearing from him in a couple of weeks.

Morale is low. We’re in a desert in Summer. The sun is scorching, I can feel myself burning and drying out. That coupled with the fact that everyone thinks, that this person just saw a mirage, and that there is nothing here are the main contributors to said low morale.

RIght now we’re working on setting up the camp. Well I mean they’re working on it. I’m doing this report, but I will soon be stopping to join them.

Observation Report close.

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