Transcript: Interference S2 E9

SFX: front door closing in distance, steps up to door, very quiet muffled knock on door, door opening after brief pause.

JACQ: I’m back, the bubbles finally stopped raining-

Ah, you’re talking to someone I can wait.

JENN: Where have you been? I’ve been trying to contact you since yesterday! You can’t just cut contact like that! I don’t care what you’re doing with your girlfriend or whatever, I have to be able to contact you!-

Editor’s note: This conversation is muffled, indicating a conversation being held telepathically over a distance via the spell sending. Geneva Interrupts Jenn partway through. Geneva talks through Jenn’s next two lines.

GENEVA: Jenn! You’re going overboard!

JENN: Overboard? I am not going overboard!-

GENEVA: Jenn I need you to calm down and listen to me.

JENN: Fine!

GENEVA: I couldn’t contact you yesterday. I tried. We had a magical storm that blocked our communications. So it’s not my fault, and it has nothing to do with Jacq. Speaking of which, implying that my relationship with Jacq is getting in the way of this mission is unacceptable! If you’re really serious about it we can talk, and I will listen, but you cannot just throw it out as an insult!

JENN: Yeah, sorry. That’s fair. There’s just a lot going on right now.

Shit! A magical storm? Do you think that Carithell sent it to disrupt communications?

GENEVA: I really hope not. If he’s in Arizona, he’d probably just send it there, right? Seems like it would take a lot less energy, and then you could have gotten the static headache.

JENN: “Static headache”??

GENEVA: Yeah, when I tried talking to you, all I got was this loud static noise. What happened when you tried talking to me?

JENN: Nothing. I thought you were just blocking me.

GENEVA: That’s really interesting. I wonder if I’ll have the opportunity to study it again.

JENN: Geneva, you can worry about that later. We’ve found him! We’ve found Carithell’s Lair!

GENEVA: What?! Are you sure?

JENN: Yeah, pretty sure. There’s definitely some magic stuff going on. Leopold tracked it down. There seems to be some kind of ancient temple buried under the ground. We found this old run down shack out here, and there was a trapdoor hidden in the floor.

GENEVA: You found an entrance to Carithell’s lair and you went into it?! Does he know you’re there?

JENN: Well I tried contacting you first.

GENEVA: Yeah, fair.

I don’t think he does. The trapdoor was trapped, but Julian and I managed to get everything disarmed without alerting anyone.

GENEVA: What was down there?

JENN: A long fucking climb down.

GENEVA: Nnn Jeeennn. What was at the bottom of the ladder?

JENN: It was this big stone chamber. Circular, big domed ceiling, empty. Only way out of it was the trapdoor we came down and a big tarnished copper door on one side.

GENEVA: You… Did you go in?

JENN: Not without a lot of work. The wards on this one were far more powerful than on the trapdoor. We spent most of the day working on deciphering them and solving a stupid puzzle, to get the door open. Why couldn’t they have just locked it? I can deal with locks.

GENEVA: Heh. Probably because they know people can just deal with locks.

JENN: Yeah, but we got through anyway. It was just a lot of work, they could have made it easier on us. Anyway, we just got up and I sent Damien and Elise to scout ahead.

GENEVA: Jenn, it’s 5 in the afternoon! Also you sent the muscle ahead?!

JENN: They’re more than just muscle Geneva! That’s very unfair to them. I know you’ve not spent as much time with them, but you chose them for a reason.

GENEVA: I’m sorry. You’re right. If you think they’d be good for this then I trust your judgement.

JENN: (affirmative/approving grunt) I guess the door took us longer than we thought. It’s hard to keep track underground.

GENEVA: Once they’re done scouting I’d like you to come back.

JENN: What?! But we’re right here. We’re this close to ending this so that we can start researching what we want to research. Earth.

GENEVA: It’s too dangerous. We need to see if we can get the government to help us out.

JENN: The government? The United States government? They’re just as likely to tip Carithell off as they are to help us take them down. I think we should do this on our own.

GENEVA: I understand your worries, but are your teammates ready to risk themselves like that? Are you all on the same page?

Look I need you to come back. Think of what would happen if another bubble storm came through, and we couldn’t talk again.

I’ve requisitioned some cell phones from the government for all of you. They’re unaffected by the static bubbles. I want you to come pick them up, and I want to talk personally with all of you before you proceed any further.

JENN: (sighs) Yeah, alright. Once Damien and Elise get back to us I’ll get Julian to teleport us back.

GENEVA: Okay, thank you. (exhale of stress) This is really big.

JENN: Yeah. I’m going to go now. I have to update the crew.

GENEVA: Yeah, thanks Jenn.

Editor’s Note: big pause.

JACQ: That was a long talk.

GENEVA: Ahh! Jacq, when did you get here?

JACQ: A few minutes ago. Are you okay? You look stressed.

GENEVA: Yeah, big news from Arizona.

SFX: Jacq walking across the floor toward Geneva

JACQ: I’m right here with you.

GENEVA: I know. Thank you. They found Carithell’s lair.

JACQ: That *is* big news. Why don’t we sit down.

SFX: Bed Creaking

JACQ: (sighs) Shit! Are they okay? What do we do now?

GENEVA: (groans)

SFX: flopping back in bed

GENEVA: I don’t know! I always thought we’d get help from your government, but Jenn thinks they’d just screw everything up. -And yeah probably-

JACQ: (interrupting/at same time) mood

GENEVA: (giggles) So I guess we’re all on the same page about that. Jenn thinks that they can handle it, but I’m not so sure. It’s just the four of them, and mindflayers are super dangerous and I don’t know what to do!

JACQ: Yeah.

GENEVA: We’re not adventurers! We’re not heroes! We’re just scientists! What are we doing? I don’t know if we can do this!

JACQ: Geneva-

GENEVA: Maybe we can get some guns, Big guns like in the movies. Do you think we could get some of those?

JACQ: I don’t think guns are a good idea.

GENEVA: But we could take out so many of them at once! They’re so fast and deadly.

JACQ: And awful. You’d never get guns like that without alerting the government that you’d found something anyway. As badass as Damien and Elise would look carrying some massive gatling gun or whatever, I don’t think it’s the answer.

GENEVA: You’re probably right. But it’s not like we can just talk to them. They’re evil you’ve heard their threats. They want to make Earth one big farm. They only care about how tasty your brains are!

JACQ: Mmm I bet your brain is super tasty.

GENEVA: Jacq! This is serious!

JACQ: I know babe, but you’re stressed out. You’re not going to make any progress right now. So we have to try to get you calmed down, so you can use that beautiful brain of yours to figure out what to do.

GENEVA: Nnn okay, but that’s not helping. I just need to calm down. (calming exhales)

JACQ: I think I know something that might help.

GENEVA: What’s that? MMph

SFX:Gentle kissing noises? Just work noises around the actual kissing?

Note from Therin: i hate kissing noises

JACQ: Mmm?

GENEVA: I don’t know if that’s calming really...but it’s definitely distracting.

JACQ: Mmm well hopefully that’s enough.

GENEVA: Yeah. Now, uh less talking, more kissing.

JACQ: My pleasure.