Therin Stapp

Therin is a librarian, writer, and general herder of cats. Her greatest accomplishments are her marriage and the ongoing D&D campaign she runs for nine players. She doesn't know how she lucked into either situation, but suspects natural 20s may have been involved.

Twitter: @explosiverunes

Hazel Stapp

Hazel's the name, podcastings the game. I'm a writer lady who writes far too rarely, and a RPG fan. I survive the cold winters of New England by shooing the snow and drinking hot tea.

Twitter: @Hazel_da_Basil

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Jacq, a human woman on present-day Earth, and Geneva, an orc woman on a world called Chel, discuss the differences and similarities of their oddly interconnected universes. 

Interference is a slowburn paranormal romance with adventure elements, featuring queer actors and characters. It tells the story of an interplanar glitch that brings two women together, and their struggle to keep it that way. 


"I just started @TheOrcZone and oh man, this is the geekiest show I've ever listened to? I adore it. I'm really looking forward to hearing more. I love that it's a DND show with a twist - it's a really original spin on the TTRPG podcast. If you're a geeky wlw? Go listen!!"
—Gabrielle Watts (@GejWatts)

"My favourite thing about Interference (besides ORC WOMAN MAIN CHARACTER) is how real the characters feel."
—Drew, the Podcast Dragon (@pillowcreek)

"Oh, Interference. How did you sneak up on me like this and get me caught up in your web of beauty? There are only two episodes right now, but I'm completely in love with this one."
—Ryan Boelter (@lordneptune)

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Legends of Chel

Legends of Chel is D&D 5e actual-play podcast, set in the same universe as Interference.

In each episode, we follow the adventures of a farmer named Waylon Virur, an apprentice Druid called Day, and a student of the College of Avarn, Ichabod Pike. These unassuming folk from the tiny, secluded town of Bell’s run, find themselves on a quest to save their hometown from destruction and starvation.