Legend of Chel: Cast and Crew


Current cast


Hazel (DM)

Hazel makes up for the drudgery of working in a potato chip factory by doing a lot of podcasts.

Twitter: @Hazel_da_Basil


Keiran (Waylon Virur)

Keiran is a youth, and a good good science boy. He works on labor day because “the cells don’t harvest themselves!”

Tumblr: @wrathofthewraith


Max (Palaestra Ironhoof)

Max hails from Western PA and assures us that they are "The real deal. Like the really real deal. The realist deal," and definitely not a "robot, clone, or simulacrum."

Twitter: @Esoteric90sIP


Therin (Day, and she edits it)

Therin has too many projects and has never been happier than she is right now.

Twitter: @explosiverunes

Previous cast members


David (Ichabod Pike)

David is a technical writer and lives in a house with lasers.