Presented in alphabetical order, the characters of Legends of Chel.


Day, Apprentice Druid

Birthday: 17 Darkring 284 (age 22)
Character Sheet: Level 1
Played by: Therin

Day is a human woman, a little on the chubby side with olive skin, and long hair that she keeps in a sloppy side braid. Right now it’s blonde with orange at the tips, but you can see a few inches of plain brown roots, too. She likes to wear a lot of bright colors, and dresses a little androgynous. She lives with her dad, her pa, and her much younger brother Sammy. They own a sheep farm, and Day spent a lot of her youth shepherding, and studying. She’s a junior member of the Circle of Druids in Bell’s Run. It’s a very prestigious position, but she doesn’t let that go to her head. She feels personally responsible for the wellbeing of the town, and is going to do whatever it takes to get it over the current spider problem.


Ichabod Pike, Student

Birthday: 14 Linorin 289 (age 17)
Character Sheet: Level 1
Played by: David

Ichabod Pike is a human man, tall and beanpole skinny, with long, scraggly brown hair, blotchy skin, and watery blue eyes. He has a heavy blue cloak over a Bell's Run constable uniform, carries a staff with a glowing blue gem on top, and wears leather goggles stylized to look like eagle's eyes. He lives with his single mother, Fansheer Pike, who hoped he would join her in the constabulary, but instead, he learned magic at the grandly named College of Avarn, run by Withers Maurentaly, an ancient high elf nicknamed Squints by his students. Ichabod loves magic, and is a quick learner, but sometimes his imagination runs wild, especially when he doesn't know a thing, and... he might make stuff up.


Waylon Virur, Farmer

Birthday: Midwinter's Day 283 (age 23)
Character Sheet: Level 1
Played by: Keiran

Waylon comes from a farm out on the edge of Bell’s Run, where 3 generations of the Virur clan live and work. He is a gentle giant, standing 6’4, sun-tanned and strong from long hours in the fields and at the forge. He was born with a strange pattern around his neck, like a thick braided rope. He is a kind soul, always willing to listen and to a lend a hand where he can. He is rarely seen without at least one of his sisters' children on his shoulders. When their work is finished, and his many nieces and nephews put to bed, he and his wife, Gajizura, go to the tavern to drink, fight, and make merry as much as possible in this dreary town. But things have been especially hard this last year. There’s not much left to go around. Someone's gotta do something....